Why Would Refrigerator Stop Cooling But Freezer Still Works. The unit may still produce some cool air, but it’s minimal at best. Just imagine how many times you open your fridge on a daily basis.

Why Would Refrigerator Stop Cooling But Freezer Still
Why Would Refrigerator Stop Cooling But Freezer Still from l.eskisehiranahtarcilar.com

Why is my refrigerator not working but my freezer is? Open the lower section and look at the vent in the. That path way can freeze up and block the air flow.

Turn Down The Freezer’s Temperature Setting To See If The Fridge Kicks On.

Why exactly would a refrigerator not cool but the freezer is still working properly?! Then, follow a few basic tips to avoid future refrigerator breakdowns. The cooling track in the fridge keeps freezing up not allowing the fridge to cool if i unplug the fridge for 24 hrs it works fine for 3 months.

That Path Way Can Freeze Up And Block The Air Flow.

Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! A common reason for your refrigerator not cooling is a faulty thermistor. A refrigerator might be the most used appliance in your household.

Here’s How To Replace The Thermistor:

My fridge quit cooling, the freezer works fine. If the fan motor stops working, your freezer might not freeze. Another common issue that causes this is a compressor that cannot run long enough.

Lift Off The Light Cover;

We unplugged and kept it off for 24 hours, but problem still there. Instead, the problem may reside in the air that is already getting to the freezer also getting to the. Dirty condenser coils can cause cooling problems in the freezer.

Actually The Freezer Becomes A Fridge.

It’s located on the control board. Unplug the refrigerator and check the condenser coils for dust and dirt buildup. It may be overheating, have bad relays or the windings in the motor are shot.

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