Jenny And Sumit Wedding Pictures. Sumit singh’s sweet instagram post with jenny slatten has made 90 day fiancé: Jenny in for a rude awakening when she realize that marrying sumit isn’t gonna make his parents like her or change their living conditions.

'90 Day Fiance' Latest Shocking Update On Sumit And Jenny
'90 Day Fiance' Latest Shocking Update On Sumit And Jenny from

The other way star sumit singh recently posted a picture with his girlfriend, jenny slatten. Then a photo surfaced of jenny with sumit’s mother and another family member from 2013 facebook post. The pair started dating ten years ago and.

Jenny And Sumit’s Wedding Has Been A Long Time Coming.

But sooner or later, sumit will have to make a choice. Another glance at sumit's wedding day look. She has no way of bring sumee to the states or be his guarantor.

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Amidst The Secret Wife, Lawyer Visits, Visa Drama, And Passport Getting Lost, Sumit.

He also said that fans should “keep drinking and enjoy life.”. Slatten has been living in india on a tourist visa, which only lasts six months. The couple occasionally posts on their social media profiles and shares their journey with their 200k+ followers on instagram.

The Other Way Have Gone Through A Myriad Of Ups And Downs.

The other way season 3. Sumit and jenny love each other and have felt this way for nearly a decade. Also, anil and sahna were on the show to give their feedback.

See Exclusive Photos From The 90 Day Fiance Couple's Wedding Day!

Jenny slatten and sumit singh finally got their happy ending on 90 day fiancé: Jenny wore traditional wedding attire on her special day. Sumit strikes me as a guy who is very shy and probably felt really comfortable around jenny, enough to want to spend the rest of his life with her.

Sumit And 90 Day Fiancé Star Jenny’s Plot Has Run Its Course Leaving Tlc Fans Wondering If This Will Be Yet Another Season Where They Don’t Tie The Knot.

Now, a few months have passed since jenny's wedding, and she seems happy next to sumit. 90 day fiance stars jenny slatten and sumit singh have officially tied the knot! The former call center employee is nervous about finally marrying the american meemaw.

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