It’s time to clean your home efficiently. Here are some tips and techniques for sparkling results.

Clean and well-organized homes are not just aesthetically pleasing, they also contribute to a healthier and more comfortable home. Even though house cleaning is a necessary task, it can become overwhelming when you do not have the right strategy. Here we explore how to efficiently clean your house, and provide tips on techniques that will help you get a home sparkling without all the stress.

Create a Cleaning Plan
To ensure that your home is cleaned efficiently, you should create a regular cleaning routine. Divide your daily tasks into weekly, monthly and daily categories. This will prevent the chores from piling and help to maintain a consistent clean environment. The weekly task list might consist of vacuuming dusting laundry and making the beds. Some monthly cleaning tasks include washing windows, cleaning the fridge and deep cleaning.

Declutter First
Declutter your place before you start cleaning. Sort surfaces and put away anything that doesn’t belong. The home looks cleaner and more organized. Create specific spaces to keep items and prevent the accumulation of clutter.

Grab Your Supplies
You can greatly streamline your cleaning routine by keeping the necessary cleaning supplies at hand. Get the basic cleaning items such as glass cleaner, all-purpose cleansers, mop heads, vacuum cleaners, and microfiber rags. The supplies will save you time and keep you focused.

Start at the top and work your way down
To tackle cleaning jobs, you should work top-to-bottom. Prior to dusting lower surfaces (such as the ceiling), start by dusting high-rise surfaces. Dust or other debris that has fallen will be picked-up as you continue to move downward. End with your floors, to make sure you’ve collected the entire amount of particles.

Use Efficient Cleaning Techniques
You will be able to save both effort and time by adopting an efficient cleaning technique. Microfiber cloths are ideal for wiping down hard surfaces. They capture dirt and dust effectively without transferring it. When cleaning windows without streaks, use a microfiber cloth dampened with water. Consider using techniques, such as the “S”, when you vacuum carpets.

Delegate & Involve Family
The house cleaning job doesn’t always have to be done by one person. Do not be afraid to delegate chores and include other members of the family. To make the cleaning process more collaborative, assign chores that are age appropriate to your kids. In addition to reducing your workload, this also helps instill in children a responsibility.

To set a timer
For each task, you can set a stopwatch to prevent it from consuming the entire day. This will force you to be focused and efficient. If the timer sounds, continue with your next task regardless if the previous one has been completed or not. Over time you will find yourself becoming faster and quicker.

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