How To Replace Simplisafe Keypad. To change the backup batteries in the base station, unscrew the bottom of the base station, remove the cover and replace with new rechargeable aa batteries. Unpack the keypad box and peel off the film protecting the screen.

Wireless Home Security Systems SimpliSafe
Wireless Home Security Systems SimpliSafe from

Change the master pin on the simplisafe keypad for the all new simplisafe. On your new base station, remove the battery tab and plug it in. Use the rocker buttons on the edges of the keypad screen to scroll to devices;

How Do I Repair The Simplisafe Keypad Vary?

If you have more than one keypad, remove a battery from each of them. To replace the battery cover, simply place it back on the battery compartment and slide it up until it clicks into place. You can take the keypad with you to name your devices as you install them.

Accordingly, How Do I Change The Battery In My Simplisafe Base Station?

If your keypad is dead, here is how you can replace your batteries. Now, the system will automatically install and reboot itself. Next, press the test button firmly.

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To install your keypad, pull the white battery tab out from the battery compartment of your keypad. Slide the keypad up and off of its mounting bracket. We'll start with a door/window sensor.

Use The Screen To Navigate To “Pins” Select The Pin You Want To Change (Either Master, User, Or Duress Pin).

The keypad—just peel and press it firmly to the wall for 30 seconds. Slide the battery cover off of the back of the keypad. Firstly, you need to remove the battery from the slot.

To Install Your Simplisafe Sensors, Find A Suitable Location And Remove The Battery Tab.

Select the install updates option on the right side of the keypad. The keypad screen will display, “welcome to simplisafe.”. On your new base station, remove the battery tab and plug it in.

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