How To Give A Cat Liquid Medicine With A Syringe. Sweep the whiskers back and tilt the cat's head up; Position your cat so he’s facing away from you.

How to Give a Cat Liquid Medicine! YouTube
How to Give a Cat Liquid Medicine! YouTube from

A quick search on the internet will tell you that the best way to give a cat liquid medicine is to fill an oral syringe with the proper amount and place the syringe gently into the side of the cats mouth and work. Use a syringe to inject the liquid medicine; I just wanted to say thank you!

Here Are The Simple Steps To Give Your Cat Liquid Medicine:

Position your cat so he’s facing away from you. If your cat is not interested in licking the liquid, gently take the cat by the scruff of the neck and gently pull the head back. Hold the dosing syringe in your dominant hand and use the tip to lift the cat’s lip, insert the tip behind one of their upper fangs.

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Never Approach A Cat From Front To Feed Medication, They Are Sure To Resist.

While your cat is tucked around your arm, hold the syringe with your dominant hand and let your cat taste the medicine first by allowing him to lick the tip of the syringe. In some cases, when you are using refrigerated medicine, take it out from the refrigerator and let it come to normal temperature. I recreated this video with better quality check it out if you found this one hard to follow:

Pick Up The Syringe In Your Free Hand And Rest The Hub Of The Syringe The Open.

Www.lazypawvet.comhow to administer liquid medication to your cat. Some very difficult cats might need to be wrapped in a towel. First, allow the cat to lick the medication from the tip of the syringe as you slowly depress the plunger (many cats accept medication more readily if it is warmed up as mentioned above).

Sweep The Whiskers Back And Tilt The Cat's Head Up;

Gently insert the syringe at the side of his mouth. And grab the syringe with your dominant hand. I just wanted to say thank you!

How To Give Liquid Medicine In A Syringe.

How to give liquid medicine in a syringe gather your medication. When you want to use a syringe to give liquid medicine to your cat, make sure that the medicine is not cold. .he doesn’t like to be held to begin with.

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