How Often To Water My Chinese Money Tree. You can fertilize your money tree once a month during the growing season and stop fertilizing in the dormant period. How much water does a money tree need?

How to Care for Money Trees Dengarden
How to Care for Money Trees Dengarden from

Overwatering can kill the chinese money plant. Money trees do not require high doses of fertilizers, so you can use a fertilizer with an npk ratio of 10:10:10 or 20:20:20 and dilute the dose to half strength. Water until the water runs from the drainage holes in the money tree pot.

How Often Should You Water A Money Tree Bonsai?

Money trees should be watered no more than once a week, and only after the first inch of topsoil is dry. Your money tree prefers deep but infrequent watering. Overwatering can kill the chinese money plant.

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Water Your Money Tree Whenever The Top 1 To 2 Inches Of Soil Are Dry And Empty The Drainage Tray Underneath It So It's Not Sitting In Water.

A plant tray underneath the pot will catch the dripping water. The chinese money plant or pilea peperomioides is a chinese member of the stinging nettle family that hails from the yunnan and sichuan provinces. It can tolerate lots of water, but you need to make sure that your planter has a drainage hole as sitting in water.

Don’t Add Little Sips Of Water Here And There.

To prevent root rot, make sure your plant is. For more tips on caring for your money tree, like how often you should add fertilizer and when to prune it, read on! You can do this by pushing your thumb an inch into the soil.

How To Care For Chinese Money Plants:

The water requirement of your money tree will vary depending upon the weather, light, and humidity of the space you keep them in. Instead, give the plant a good gulp until water comes running out of the planter’s drainage hole. Watering, of course, is a very important part of providing plant care for pilea peperomioides.

Most Of The Time Watering Your Chinese Water Plant Once A Week Is Sufficient, However, There May Be Times When You Need To Adjust That Schedule To Water A Little More Often (A Couple Of Times A Week) Or A Little Less Often (Maybe Once Every Ten Days).

You could do this in the sink if you prefer. Make a plan of watering the money tree usually once a week or after every 8 to 12 days. Fertilize the plant using regular liquid houseplant fertilizer by diluting it to half of its strength.

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