Drug Withdrawal Treatment for Women

Why are people addicted to alcohol and drugs? As many reasons as there are addictive substances, the answers are varied. Some people do it as a temporary escape or to find respite, while others do it just for fun. When the occasional indulgence becomes an absolute necessity, people can fall victim to alcoholism or drug abuse. Women are more susceptible to this because their physiology tends to be more sensitive. Women should be extra careful when it comes to addiction and only seek help if things have gotten out of control. The drug rehab for women only seeking treatment for drug addiction is higher than ever. This shows that the public has become more aware.

When one stops using drugs or drinking alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Heroin is probably the most common street drug in the opiate group. It is not just heroin that’s abused, but also prescription painkillers containing opiates. Opiates are a very dangerous family of drugs. Missing a dosage can have serious consequences. If taken in high doses, opiates are addictive as well as dangerous.

If withdrawal symptoms get out of control, only alcohol or benzodiazepines can kill. Opiate withdrawal will not cause death. You will have severe side effects such as psychological disorders, pain and symptoms of flu. The flu-like symptoms include chills, shaking, diarrhea, cold, sweat, and constant runny eyes.

Physical side effects last only 36-48 hours. The psychological side effects are what is of most concern. These include anxiety, stress, depression and suicidal thinking. Consult a physician if these symptoms persist. Each drug rehab for women employs a specialist who can deal with these cases.

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